What to expect

Massage lessons for partners: For people who know that doing your part toward peace on Earth includes caring for yourself and those around you. This fun, relaxing event with your partner and friends will introduce you to massage and feeling confident facilitating wellness through massage. You may also benefit from improved verbal and nonverbal communication skills, reduced cortisol, and increased serotonin. Basically, it will increase what makes you happy and decrease what makes you unhappy!

Each class will start with creating a comfortable space. Next, I will teach you the benefits of massage. You'll then learn a brief history and definition of massage. After this, I will describe the basic strokes of Swedish massage. Finally you'll have an interactive demonstration of massage techniques.

Partners will then practice these techniques with individualised instruction based on your partner's feedback. The literal hands-on instruction will enable you to identify and facilitate healing of muscular adhesions on your own. You will learn strategies for remaining comfortable, allowing you to enjoy giving as much as getting. Lessons can also include breathing, communication, and aromatherapy.

Host partners, please provide:
  • Space
  • Guest list (4-8 paying guests)
  • Pillows and blankets (enough to provide comfortable space to recline)
  • Ambiance, such as lighting and aromatherapy
  • Food and drink, if you would like
  • Preferences for lesson focus
Guest fee (waived for host and their partner): $75 per person. Guests should wear loose, comfortable clothing, which will be worn throughout the class.