I began my career as a massage therapist in 1995, giving aromatherapy massages in the homes of Palm Beach and Manalapan. I've worked in chiropractic offices, giving 20 minutes to the lower back (or whatever the doctor prescribed); in a combination antique store/tea house/hair salon; and in several day spas. After honing my craft for a few years, I opened Flo N. Harmony Massage Therapy in 2000, and have enjoyed working for myself — in my space and in your space — ever since.

After all these years, I know that weekly massage appointments are often not possible, even with my extended hours. So I want to teach you to work on your partner and for your partner to learn how to cater a massage to your needs. Learn to locate an adhesion, how to use the basic strokes of massage to facilitate the reduction of discomfort, and how to use nonverbal communication to create harmony.

Everyone 💖 Harmony massage!