Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Tending your home fire

Ahhhh. I take in a long, slow, deep breath. You know the kind, where a low thunder echoes between your ears. We are here together in this moment for one another. We will help one another keep the home fires burning, whatever that may be to you. The time of the feminine has arrived.

From Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0

I've lived on this particular chunk of planet Earth for seventeen years. At times I have tended every blade of grass and weed. Some years the weed trees encroach on the openness of my yard and grow tall. Many, many, many have helped me learn how to care for this land. Some by doing the work for me, others by telling me how they do, and still others work with me. Over time, I've become quite in tune with this property. Through it all, the fire pit remained. It ate a lot of those trees and weeds. It kept us warm as we laughed and told stories. She entertained with her dance. Fire transforms: burning the old, cleaning and cleansing, and clearing space for new.
It is fall and the weather is becoming crisp, so I have been tending to my fire pit. Around around around around, in a clockwise direction; I am aware of the four directions. I clean the pit, then burn. I clear a larger circle around the pit, making sure not to leave behind any flammable leaves, then burn. I rake a long path leading to the sacred fire, then burn. I clear the yard of fallen sticks and larger limbs, thrown to the earth by summer winds, then burn. Around around and around. Many hours, many days. November 16th at 7:30 I light yet another fire; this time I beat the drum in solidarity with others… a prayer for mother earth.
Good morning. Time to tend to the fire pit. Around again. (What a surprise!) My neighbor compliments me on my yard, on my hard work, and she blesses me. She asks me to come and help her with her fire pit. She doesn't own tools and wants help cutting up some big branches to burn. Two strong women tending to the fires. This feels like a powerful message from the universe. We have been neighbors for all these years. We have been cordial, but didn't get into each other's business. You know, good neighbors, but not friends. Here we were, laughing and working and KNOWING without saying.
Taking another long, deep breath, I ask if you have tended to your fire. Hold your space. Allow your feminine power create our new world. Will you be ready to help your sister when she asks?

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  1. Quite the messenger you are my cuz love Flo. It brings me to a younger more innocent time of daisy necklaces, Indian paint brushes & acorn people. ❤️