Monday, October 17, 2016

Surprise massage

Massage is good for physical and emotional health—and it feels wonderful. Studies tell us to get a massage a minimum of once a month, especially if you want to reap the collective benefits for the immune system.

The best massage seems to be the last one I've gotten. But this one, let me tell you, this one was the absolute best ever. A fellow massage therapist called me with a neck issue. After her session, we enjoyed a salad, and then, much to my surprise, it was my turn! Wow! I have not been at my best, it's been a few weeks since my last massage, and a friend had told me that I needed to think of some way to treat myself today. I didn't have to "think": I just went into my studio and got on the table. A-mazing, sang the voice inside my head, when she first began. "Financial issues?" I imagined Louise Hay whispering in my ear, as my low back and hips got their attention. Feet, hands, face, and head…"No wonder our clients love massage," I giggled to my friend. We then come up with a brilliant plan to spread the love. (I'm sure that I'll blog on that when the details have been ironed out).
Me giving a massage


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  2. Great tips! Especially don't wear anything too complicated.
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